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Another great vid. I have often taught some of these same concepts but there always seems to be the one or two in the classes that come dressed in grey. Others come to class looking like Rambo. Scowling, continually cracking their knuckles and trying to speak like a special forces operator. I love the “shoot me first”, that describes them and this helps to explain and even critique the “heroes” in the classes. Thanks Roy so very much for putting this series together and getting out to us who are trying our best to be the Sheep Dogs and not… Read more »
Charles Schuhart

Vimeo SUCKS! Don’t use it! Use YouTube like the rest of us! It kept going to black with negative outlines and that was VERY distracting!
Great video and I’m glad I subscribed to your series.
Keep up the great work!

James Rioux
James Rioux

This guy is the real deal. A lot of what he is saying is in Cade Courtley’s SEAL Survival Guide. However, this guy is much more detailed and systematic in teaching the concepts.

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