God’s Place After The Collapse

The following post is my personal opinion that I’ve devised over many years of research, debate and experience.

First let’s define what is the collapse: any situation where the local or national government is unable to maintain the routine municipal services and security, and people are left to fend for themselves. This situation is commonly known as “Without Rule of Law” (WROL), or it’s immediate consequent situation where an aggressive tyrant grabs control and exchanges freedom for security, also known as “Excessive Rule of Law” (EROL).

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God’s place after the collapse








The meaning of God
The question here is not if God exists or not, and who is right – the religious people or the atheists? NO, the real question is what does that concept mean regardless of that old theological debate.

The question then becomes: what does God mean to all of us? 
First we need to understand that God’s moral values are the standard of how we should behave, it gives us a common ground to compare our behavior, in order to determine if it’s good or evil. Without God we’re left with only rational thought and personal opinions. 

This standard relies on the core belief that all human life is sacred, which indicates that we are all precious and human life should be held above anything else. From that concept emerged the Judeo-Christian values that are taught to all of us from birth in modern society – all the values we take for granted, like do not kill, do not steal, do not covet your neighbor’s wife and so on, no matter our religious affiliation. These values are the ones that no matter who you ask, they will tell you that this is what it means to be a good person. 

The history of God
Since the dawn of modern society, people were granted moral values from mythological gods, as they had divine characteristics that we should all try and live by. Some examples are the Egyptian, Greek, Christian, and Norse gods. We were all taught to try and live by their standards, or in other words – be a good person. The reason it’s so important that these values come from a benevolent, immortal God is simply because if we were given these values by a person (a ruler or a leader for example), these values will vanish upon this person’s death, or even worst, if that leader becomes corrupt over time and does whatever it takes to keep their power. A good example of this is the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro who promised to save his people with socialism, and even now he still drives the country into oblivion. 

Is there an alternative to God?
If we look closely at the last century, the clear alternative to moral values is rational thought – the worshiping of science that eventually brought us socialism and communism. There were many instances where a tyrant has seen himself as a God over his people, and banned all the religions and their practices, like in Stalin’s communist USSR, Mao’s People’s Republic of China, and Kim’s North Korea. All these tyrants rationalized the deaths of untold millions of citizens in order to “save the billions”. 

God’s place after the collapse
The only way to survive long term in a WROL situation is with a strong community, and the only way to build a strong community is to base it on strong moral values. Without them, life will become like the wild west where everyone is hard and distrusting, fearing for their lives on a daily basis.

Without a strong moral compass and predictable human behavior, any survivor society will have a really hard time to keep intact – people will be no better than animals, causing violent infighting and insurrection, and eventually resulting in the collapse of that society yet again.

To Sum Up:
The ideas of science and rational thought are super important – they brought us the technology that gave us many comforts and longer life expectancy. But people have survived thousands of years without them, and will survive thousands more by maintaining good, strong moral values. Throughout the history of humankind, these values were personified by God, and the entire modern society is raised on these values. Abandoning these values and only sticking with rational thought, will eventually collapse any society, like every single time this was actualized during the last century (Natzi Germany, USSR, Venezuela and many more).

How important do YOU think God and it’s moral values are after the collapse? 
Please share your thoughts with us – I love getting your feedback, and read each and every one of your messages!

Important Note: let’s keep the discussion civil – we’re all here to learn and support each other.

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Roy Shepard

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Great insight.

Without an external and absolute standard of right and wrong, man typically becomes brutal. A hobesian world.

Judeo christian faith and worldview has been the great civil force on our planet.


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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂


Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂