How to Apply Facial Camouflage Effectively

Since infancy, our brain is programmed to recognize facial patterns – we start with our parents and later on identify faces almost everywhere (even in clouds or trees). When applying facial camouflage, we need to break the T shape pattern that our eyes, nose and mouth create. We need to mix all the lighter and darker areas so the human brain won’t recognize our face as a face any longer.

There are many techniques for applying facial camouflage, but in this post we’ll focus on the 3 major techniques devised by the US military, the Korean military and the UK military.

Note: for all the techniques, we apply the camouflage colors on all visible skin areas, i.e. face, ears and neck. If we plan to wear a hat or a helmet, we don’t need to color the hairline or the back of the neck.

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The US military technique:
Their solution is large dark and light color masses in opposing directions in diagonals across the face

  1. Apply a black splash of color on the left eye, and the right side of the jaw and neck.
  2. Apply a green splash of color on the right eye, and the left side of the jaw and neck.
  3. Fill in the gaps with some brown color – on the mouth, chin and middle part of the neck.


The Korean military technique:
Their solution is a little different – they tend to use dual colors of green and black, and create diagonal stripes in order to break the T pattern of the face.

  1. Apply a thick black diagonal line starting from the upper-right corner of the forehead near the hairline, all the way to the left side of the chin and down to the neck, passing over the eye and the bottom part of the nose.
  2. Apply green diagonal lines on the left and right sides of the black line.
  3. Continue adding alternate black and green diagonal lines until the entire face, ears and neck are painted.


The UK military technique:
They uses the natural pigment of the skin in their camouflage scheme. They paint the camouflage in quick diagonal lines from the center of the face down to the sides creating a type of upside down V shapes.

  1. Apply a black diagonal line starting from the nose bridge, all the way down to the right – down on the cheek and neck.On the opposite side and a little lower, apply a green diagonal line from the nose through the left cheek and neck.
  2. From under the nose, apply a brown diagonal line, through the chin and to the neck.
  3. Apply sporadic smudges of diagonal lines to fill in the gaps with varying colors, making sure that no adjacent lines have the same color, while leaving spaces between the lines for the natural skin color to show as part of the scheme.


To Sum Up:

There are many types of facial camouflage techniques you can use to mask yourself in the outdoors. The base is always the same – destroy the T pattern of the eyes, nose and mouth that our brain is used to recognize. The best way to do it is to move the natural darker areas (under the eyes, and on the sides and under the nose) and the lighter areas (cheek bones, and top of the nose and chin) diagonally, to opposing sides of the face.

Which is YOUR favorite camouflage technique and why?
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