Our community’s top questions and comments of the year.

We had a great year here at Prepper Legend: we published our first 2 books, built an amazing website and started sharing our knowledge with our great community. We’d like to bring you some of the most interesting comments and questions we received this year, so everyone can benefit from them.








  1. Beverly asked: My BOB (72-hour survival bag) is too heavy for me to carry, what can I do?

    Answer: Well, if you can’t carry it, it’s not very useful, so here are 3 solutions for this sort of issue:

    1. Take the time and the make the effort to get into better physical shape and train your body to carry the weight you need. It’s important to do so gradually so you don’t hurt yourself. Start by walking 3 times a week for 20 minutes, and if possible, gradually implement some running intervals, until you can run for 20 minutes straight. Then very gradually add weight on your back, starting with 11 lbs (5 kg), until you can run for 20 minutes with 22 lbs (10kg) of weight with relative ease. Training to run faster and up/down hills will also help you greatly, so once you feel ready, gradually increase your speed and implement some slopes into your training.

    2. The simplest solution is to reduce the weight of your BOB. We selected 22lbs of essential items for our BOB, but if it’s simply too heavy for you, remove anything that is non essential – for example, remove one of the MREs, or the pillow, or some of the extra clothing.

    3. Another slightly most complex solution is to get a mountain bike and carry some of your equipment on it, instead of on your back. You’ll need to make sure to store it safely and always keep an eye on it so it’s not stolen from you.

  2. Beverly also asked: What can I do to keep safe during an emergency, if I’m an older person living alone?
    Answer: I have many older family members and friends that lead a very active life and social life, who travel the world and take part in all sorts of group activities with like-minded people. No matter your age, it’s very important to be a part of a group, especially when SHTF. Choose a group of people you feel comfortable with, it can be a church group or some sort of volunteer group. Each person in these groups contributes to the best of their ability, and they are a great team to be part of if things go sideways.

  1. Bradley asked: What about becoming nomadic if SHTF?

    Answer: There is a good chance we’ll have to use the nomadic lifestyle in SHTF,  if we decide to bug-out of our home. I always recommend to try bugging-in at first, to weather the “storm” until things get back to normal. BUT, if we absolutely have to escape, since the area becomes too volatile or unsustainable, we’ll need to be nomadic for a while, until we find a safe location. And even then, we must always remember that any location is only temporary, and we must be able to leave on a moment’s notice if things become unsafe again for any reason.

  2. Hans wrote: post-SHTF will be the end of the democratic system.

    Answer: Most definitely. As history teaches us time and time again, there is a certain order to things – after a long drawn anarchy period or “WROL” (without rule of law), people will be happy to give up most of their liberties for some type of order and safety. That’s when an “EROL” (excessive rule of law) will begin, where a local government, military or criminal gang will dish out harsh justice for any insubordination. Usually, some type of a dictator (or tyrant) will lead this organization, and after a while, could be even a few decades, they will have to give the power back to the people. If they don’t create some sort of a republic or democracy, the people will revolt and back to anarchy we’ll go, starting the process all over again.

  3. Jack wrote: the homeless will outlive us all in SHTF.

    Answer: It’s true that today they show great resilience to survive on the streets with hardly any money. BUT let’s not forget that we’re not talking about normal times, and keep in mind that most of the homeless are in this situation since they gave up on trying to fit in as part of society. During a SHTF situation, there will be no more grocery stores, restaurants or any modern waste, which the homeless use to sustain themselves during normal times. Again, they will be the first ones to give up, and since hope is the number one thing that keeps people alive during SHTF, I believe they’ll actually be among the first casualties.

  4. Mike asked: Do we actually use human excrements in our compost, in order to fertilize our plants?
    Answer: Short answer is yes.
    Normally we only use our organic waste products for compost, i.e. the leftovers from our food, and from that make fertilizer. But in a survival situation, we’ll use ALL of our resources, including human waste – the sulfur and other minerals in our feces are a great fertilizer (commercial fertilizers usually use cow or horse dung), helping our plants to grow faster and yield better fruits and vegetables. We eat these and produce more waste, and thus the cycle keeps going and going.

  5. Marshall asked: how do you get such good lighting?
    Answer: We use the GoPro Hero 5 with a Karma Gimbal mount when we shoot outside. In the studio, we use the Canon 70D DSLR, with Canon 18-135mm lense, and 2 large 600w LED light projectors with soft-light boxes. We tend to use natural light by sitting across from the window, which is always a perfect addition. I also make sure to do some color correcting in premiere when I’m editing the footage to make sure it looks good.

  6. Diana asked: What is the meaning behind the prepper legend logo?

    Answer: The circle symbolises safety, or our homebase. The 2 back-to-back blades symbolise the team that has your back, and the strength we have together. The blades also stand for being sharp, tough, aware and ready – just like our motto – Always Prepared.

Looking forward to next year:

We want to thank you again for being a part of the Prepper Legend community and for all your support and encouragement, it’s a very big part of what keeps us going. We feel lucky and blessed to be able to touch so many souls in this world and we are planning to keep working hard to bring you great new content and to keep building this amazing community.

If you ever wonder about anything, keep in mind that there are probably many other people wondering about the same things, so don’t be shy, join the dialogue, and become an active part of our community.

Do YOU have a burning question or comment you’d like to share?

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Climbing up or down a wall using a rope, can be a life-saver in case of an emergency, but is there a way to do it easily, without being in top physical shape? In the next post I’ll share with you a simple way to easily climb a rope, using only our core and EDC gear.

I can’t wait to share all of this with you,

So until then – Stay Safe!!

Your friend always,

Roy Shepard


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