How Would You Deal With Zombies?!?

Swarmed by a horde of zombies, would you know how to escape?
What about a single or a couple of zombies, what would you do?


As I was paying my taxes as everyone does from time to time, I realized something: so many almost mindless entities and people are trying to get a bite of me! Well, not physically, but definitely taking a bite of my time and money.

Then I began to realize why all those zombie TV-shows and movies are so popular (I’m guilty of being fascinated by them as well): some of us feel like we are surrounded by mindless drones, busy at a job they hate and just passing the time, or by others that are addicted to social media and spend their days stuck to their screens, zombified. So the zombie trend is so popular because deep down we feel like we are already living in a society of zombies! And we spend most of our time trying not to get “bitten” and become one of them.

So now that we’ve covered the philosophical aspects of this subject, let’s get to the interesting part: what would happen if a movie-like zombie outbreak actually took place?

Logically, flesh needs sustenance to survive so without water and without working organs, the nourishment doesn’t reach the cells so they die and decay. the zombies’ bodies would rotten in a matter of 2 weeks, since the bacteria inside would eat all the dead flesh and poof – 2 weeks later the outbreak is over, even faster in warmer areas.

But that’s no fun so let’s put all the sciencey-stuff aside, and look at how we can survive as long as possible in a zombie apocalypse like the one featured in the show “The Walking Dead”, let’s start!

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First let’s divide our survival plan into stages:

  1. Waiting out the jams
    When something massive like an outbreak starts, it’s likely that people who have not prepared for it will panic and scramble to escape major population centers. They will be scared and won’t think much before heading out, resulting in mega traffic jams (think rush hour times a thousand!). Sooner or later the zombies will get there and start infecting all these people and it will be gory!

    So, for the first week or two you’ll have to bug in, and wait for the rush to be over. The major point here is to be as stealthy as possible and make sure to setup your security systems – barricade your doors and windows, and leave at least one escape route which is not your main entrance. Darken all the light sources and keep quiet, especially at night.

  2. Bugging out to safehouse
    After about two weeks, the massive jams will be resolved one way or the other, and that’s the perfect time to start planning your bugging out. You will have to set up checkpoints and rally points on the way to your bugout location, and your team will have to be very careful in reaching it.

    Send a recon unit to each checkpoint, and signal each other when the coast is clear (a walky-talky is perfect for this). Once you reach your bugout location, which is hopefully still intact, you’ll have to sweep it clear before settling in. Then setup your security, both inhouse and in the surrounding parameter.

  3. Homesteading
    After the security is set up and you have both anti-zombie and anti-hostiles fences and traps, you’ll be able to start planning for a longer term stay. Set up the infrastructure in order of importance – shelter, heat (in cold environments), water, and food. Only then, if it’s an option, try to find ways to generate electricity, set up an irrigation system, sewer, compost, fertilization and so on.

    Prepare stocks of food and water for the hot or cold seasons, depending on your environment and the available resources during the year. For example, in cold places, set up a warm greenhouse, or hunt enough game and freeze it. The amounts you’ll need depend on your team’s size.

  4. Joining a community
    Sooner or later communities will start to get together and rebuild society, pulling their resources together. As a prepper, you’ll probably have a lot of knowledge you can share with others, so do so humbly and try to be as helpful as possible – the more you contribute, the more valued you’ll become.

    Help teach them the necessities, according to the priorities, and help make the place as secured and hospitable as possible. Teach them how to be ready – mind, body, and spirit, from self-defence and weapon handling to growing food and setting up fortifications.

  5. Return to normalcy
    After the short “Without Rule of Law” (WROL) stage, some organization will capture the power vacuum – it could be remnants of the old government, military, police, armed militia or even a criminal gang. Either way there is going to be an “Excessive Rule of Law” (EROL) stage in which there will be zero tolerance for anything basically.

    After a while there will be a revolt, and some sort of monarch will rise, that will lead society out of the anarchy. After a while society will return to democracy. You need to understand this natural order of things and decide whether you’d like to join this new society and maybe even become one of the leaders, or keep away and stay in a remote location.

Now let’s deal with the zombie threats:

  1. Zombies in general
    Zombies are practically blind, they only have a dull sense of touch (they feel warmth), smell and hearing which guide them (and the human nose and ears are not that sensitive). You can easily fool them by covering yourself with rotten meat, either from other incapacitated zombies, or other sources.

  2. Single or a small group of zombies
    They will try to reach you with their arms, but their balance is terrible, so try to knock them off their feet by throwing anything at their legs – from a heavy book to a chair, or anything you can find, even your backpack if it comes to that. Then it’s a simple matter of dispatching them by bashing or stabbing the back of their head. And of course, avoid their bite so you don’t get infected!

    Pro Tip: DO NOT try to stick a blade in their skull, the bone is made from a hard, sponge-like material that will make the blade hard to retrieve, so you will probably lose it in their head.

  3. Dealing with large groups
    If you’re dealing with a group of more than 4 zombies, you must find a way to distract them – lighting a pack of firecrackers or starting a large fire somewhere (like blowing up a gas tank) is a fantastic way to turn their attention away from you.

    There is no point in trying to fight them unless you have a long range weapon, and that brings us to the next tip: Try to refrain from using any firearms, as loud sounds of any kind will attract the attention of zombies and other hostiles from miles away. If you must use a firearm make sure it’s not only silenced, but has proper hush-rounds, and low caliber. If you ended up using a firearm, you must evacuate the area as quickly as possible after doing so, since reinforcement is probably on the way.

To Sum Up:
As always, preparation is the key – if you get ready now, you’ll know what to do and survive even a zombie apocalypse! Stay alert and remember the basics – shelter, fire, water and food. Keep these priorities straight for a long and prosperous life. If you see zombies try to avoid them, but if it’s inevitable, trip them over and either escape or dispatch them.

And always remember that this is a marathon and never a sprint – so NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

Now it’s your turn:
What is your tactic in case of a zombie outbreak, would you do something differently?
Which do you think is the most important stage in our survival plan and why?

Please leave a comment below – I love getting your feedback and I read each and every single comment!

What’s Next:
Next week we’ll have something special for you – we went down to the archery range in preparation for our next book “Outdoor Preparation”, and had a great time shooting 3D foam animals (we only kill animals for survival and even then only if we absolutely have to), and practiced bow handling techniques, so keep an eye out for the next post.

I can’t wait to share all of this with you.

So, until then – Stay Safe!

Your friend always,

Roy Shepard

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