The Gear Tier System
Tier 3 – EDC (3/4)

What will you need to carry in your backpack for a day long excursion?
Will it be enough to be truly prepared for any situation?


When we go out for more than a few hours, we need to take with us a few more items that will keep us prepared for any situation, this is our EDC gear or Day Pack.

DISCLAIMER: The following gear was chosen after months of rigorous testing in the field. I do not have any affiliation with any of the companies that make this equipment.

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24 Hour Backpack









Your backpack needs to be light, sturdy and comfortable, and large enough to carry and organize everything you’ll ever need for a day and then some. I recommend the 5.11 Rush 24 which is one of the best day packs on the market – it’s light, sturdy and extremely comfortable and has some great features like compression straps (to keep it compact) and MOLLE webbing (to attach extra pouches on the outside). It also comes with an admin compartment and lots of small pockets to organize your equipment.


Reusable 700ml Water Bottle









Your water bottle must be sturdy, easy to use and refill and easy to clean. 700ml is an ideal size since it’s not too heavy, yet has enough water to sustain you for a few hours. I use the Nalgene 700ml Water Bottle, which fits perfectly to our needs.











Starting a fire is crucial in many survival situations as it provides heat, protection and means to purify water and prepare food. The firesteel is unique in that it doesn’t “run out” like matches and thus is more recommended. First and foremost, your firesteel should be able to easily create a fire (using some tinder) and of course, should be light, sturdy and compact. After testing a large number of leading products, the Bear Grylls Firestarter by Gerber Gear is the best I used so far and it has some great extra features like a waterproof compartment for tinder, a small signalling mirror and a rescue whistle.


Lockpick and Tension Wrench









“Better to have and not need, than need and not have” – these items are for extreme situations, when you have to bypass a tumbler lock. They should be light, sturdy and concealed so not to arouse any suspicion during an emergency.


10,000 mAh Powerbank









Your powerbank should be fast charging, light, sturdy and compact, and keep your electronics going strong for the entire day. I use the Tecknet 10,000 mAh Ultralite Powerbank which is reasonably priced and performs perfectly in the field.


Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK)









The personal first aid kit is a must have with your EDC and is literally a lifesaver in case of a medical emergency – from cuts and bleeds to broken limbs and even amputations. The kit has everything you need to stabilise the casualty until the professional help arrives. I use the 5.11 PFAK Pouch which is compact, sturdy and has space for everything.
Your personal first aid kit should include:

  1. C.A.T Tourniquet
  2. Israeli Bandage
  3. Coagulating Bandage
  4. Tampons (used to stop bleedings and also as tinder)
  5. Triangle Bandage
  6. Elastic Bandage
  7. Sterilized Gloves
  8. Monkey Scissors
  9. Chest Bandages (for lung punctures)
  10. Air Way Tube
  11. Sterilizing Pads
  12. Gauze Pads
  13. Elastic Tape
  14. Bandaids


Waterproof Notepad and Pen









The waterproof notepad and pen will enable you to write down important information in any conditions. They should be light and compact. I use the Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notepad and Pen and they keep proving themselves as reliable and convenient to use.


Clothes and Accessories









Always check the weather conditions before going out and make sure you have suitable clothes and accessories (warmer clothes, watch-cap, gloves or just a cap). When it gets colder, I usually carry some warmer clothes in my day pack, like my 5.11 Recon Half-Zip Fleece.


To Sum Up:
The Tier 3 EDC Gear or Day Pack is the gear we need to carry in our backpack any time we go out for more than a few hours – for instance, to work, or even a day in the park or a trip to the mall. These items will provide us with a great advantage and keep us ready and prepared for any situation.


Make sure you have all the necessary EDC items:

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What’s Next

In the next post we’ll talk about our Tier 4 Gear72hr Survival Gear or Bug Out Bag (BOB) – this is the big one, the gear we store in our home, or take with us in the car – this gear will sustain us for the first 72 hours in case we cannot return home due to a  catastrophe and we need to bugout and survive in an urban environment or the outdoors.
I can’t wait to share all of this with you.

So, until then – Stay Safe!

Your friend always,

Roy Shepard

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