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Becoming The Gray Man (Part 1/4)


In the books Prepared and Advanced Preparation we learned many techniques, strategies and tactics that will benefit us greatly in our everyday life, but especially on the wake of a catastrophe. Today we’re going to dive into the Gray Man concept – what it is, how it can help us become better preppers, and how you can become the Gray Man in a few simple steps. In this series, we’ll start from the outside to the inside, top to bottom. We’ll break down the Gray Man concept, and see how we can adopt it into our daily lives, and learn how to utilize this grand strategy (I might even go as far as calling it a life-Philosophy).

Important Note: The Gray Man concept is the name depicted for it, but it is directed to both men and women. Also, I sometimes used the masculine form in this post for simplicity sake, but it is again directed to both men and women.


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Those Who Learn From History are Bound to Change the Future.

What we, in the western world, call apocalypse or a post catastrophe scenario, is called Tuesday in many other parts of the world. Places where crime and poverty roam the streets, and the ruling parties enforce their ways using armed and ruthless militias or mercenaries. These places range from Afghanistan to the Palestinian Gaza strip. After many years in the military, the tactics and strategies we’ve learned from active hot zones are invaluable for our understanding of what it is to be truly prepared.












During my service as an IDF Special Forces operator, we had many operations in the Gaza stip. In order to blend in, we’d wear rags, grow out our beards, and even use makeup in order to look similar to the locals. During the Op, we’d walk and talk like the natives, and spring into action only when we are all positioned and ready. After we completed the objectives, we’d vanish into an ally, change our clothes, walk naturally into a local looking van and drive away. Remember that a running man with a gun is very odd and disturbing no matter where you are!


Who is the Gray Man?

So who is this elusive “Gray Man”? Why do we want to be a “Gray Man”, while they are never seen? The reason is right there in the question. The Gray Men are the everyday invisible men and women that are right there in the background for everyone to see, but no one notices. They could be the college student with the backpack and hoodie, the old man crossing the street, the loving couple walking hand in hand, the woman with the stroller, or even the delivery man holding a box. They are always there, but no one notices them. They are the average non-threatening, non-interesting people, that even if they approach us and ask for the time or directions, we would have a very hard time remembering their features.


Why is it important to practice the Gray Man ways?

In most cases, implementing the Gray Man principles will avert attention from you and remove 99% of the chance that someone may target you for any sinister reason. But in case of an active attack, or what the pros refer to as an “Active Shooter Scenario”, which could range from a terrorist attack to a gang raid, the assailant/s will usually focus first on people that pose a threat or grab attention. The first targets will be law enforcement officers like cops, soldiers or security guards. After that they will focus on anyone suspicious that may cause problems (i.e. all the people with a hero complex), and only then anyone else. The “Gray Man” Initiative’s goal is to become those “anyone else” – it will not save us completely, but it will give us enough extra time to follow these steps:

  1. Dive to cover
  2. Assess the situation
  3. Get our gear ready
  4. Form a strategy
  5. Leapfrog and relocate
  6. Take action – either neutralize or escape

These extra few seconds or minutes of hesitation, might allow us to take control and survive the situation and sometimes even enable us to help others.


How to Become The Gray Man?

Now to the main course, how do we actually change ourselves to become the “Gray Man”?

  1. Do we change our appearance?
  2. Do we change our behavior?
  3. Do we change our mental state?

The answer to all of these are a definite YES!

It’s not enough to look like the Gray Man by wearing the right clothes, that blend nicely with the local population. We must also behave like the Gray Man by being calm, easygoing and appear non-threatening. We must then think like the Gray Man to notice everything around us, the environment and the people, and use our situational awareness so we can be flexible and relocate to the optimal location for our advantage.


So Now What? (The series)

Over the next few weeks, you’ll receive the following 3 episodes in which we’ll drill deeper and deeper into the Gray Man concept. In episode 2, we’ll talk about our appearance, what we should wear and what we should carry on ourselves to look like the Gray Man while carrying the necessary tools to help us in any situation. In episode 3, we’ll go into how we should behave as to become the Gray Man, and what we can do (or not do) to become more attuned to the Gray Man ways as to not attract any attention. And in the last episode (episode 4), we’ll go into our mental state, and break down how to truly become the Gray Man through and through, and how to think like a Gray Man even in the most stressful situations.


To Sum Up:

The way to give ourselves valuable time in any encounter is by becoming the Gray Man.

Become the average, invisible, non-threatening, non-interesting person in the background.

We can become the Gray Man by:

  1. Changing our appearance to be non-threatening.
  2. Changing our behavior to blend in with the locals.
  3. Changing our mental state to be ready for anything.



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In the Next Episode:

In the following episode we’ll dive into the depths of how we should look in order to become the Gray Man – what we should have on ourselves to seem non-threatening, and the thought process behind it. We’ll also review our EDC (Every Day Carry) list, and how it can enhance our readiness toward any situation.

So until then – Stay Safe!

Your friend always,

Roy Shepard

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the gray/unseen person is one who sees but does not seem to see & has other advantages.

Well, as an unremarkable 40 something woman, I’m often over looked. I don’t often dress up, I’m quiet, and I stay on the edges. I could have a great career as a pickpocket. Lol